Terms and conditions

In the Tampere Lake Experience rentals we apply our own rental terms and conditions that will be submitted after your booking request. The rent will be confirmed when the rental terms and condition have been agreed the agreed payment has been received.

We require appropriate and sufficient skills and experience in boating, boat and safety equipment as well as in traffic rules on lake. However, this will not transfer any responsibilities or liabilities from boat renter or from boat user or renter to Tampere Lake Experience.

Naturally before your trip we will provide adequate and reasonable introduction to the boat, the equipment and the safety accessories.

Tampere Lake Experience’s equipment is properly and appropriately insured and registered, also for rental use. In the event of damage, loss or any other harm of the boat’s equipment, the boat renter and/or operator is obliged to compensate Tampere Lake Experience for the insurance deductible (+ handling costs).

Fishing, crab fishing or other permits are personal or family specific. Therefore, these and other hobby-specific permits are solely the renter´s responsibility.