Motor boat Vappu – Bella 685, Volvo Penta 130 hv

Our motor boat Vappu is a fine lady with Bella 685 boat hull and Volvo Penta 1330 horsepower diesel engine. The maximum lenght of Vappu is 8,05 meters. Vappu has a great amount of living area in the cabin as well at the back of the boat. Moreover, Vappu is equipped with stern platform with swimming ladders, refrigerator, cooking equipment, kitchen-sink, cabin heater and toilet. Sleeping accommodation is for four people. Vappu´s official inspection history is long and flawless.

Photos of Vappu are available on page Gallery.

Technical details:
Boat length: 6,85 m
Total length: 8,05 m
Draft: 0,8 m
Weight: 1300 kg
Max. width: 2,50 m
Max. number of people: 6
Engine: Volvo Penta 130 hv
Fuel: Diesel
Registration number: T32980

Control and safety:
GPS chartplotter
Floating jackets and life jackets: see detailed listing from page Accessories.
Fire extinguisher
First aid kit
LED flare

Rooms, facilities and hatches:
Sleeping cabin: a bow hatch
Steering and living cabin: 2 sunroofs, dining table, seats
Sliding door to the stern

Kitchen and cooking equipment:
Stove, gas
Stove, induction (when shore power available)
Kitchen utensils: kettle, frying pan, coffee pot, cutlery, knives
Sink and running water

Stern of the boat:
Folding canopy
Swimming dock and swimming ladders
Additional car radio speakers

Sleeping facilities and heating:
Cabin: 2-3 people
Cabin dining table space: 1 person (option, not in use currently)
Stern of the boat: 1 person
Heater, kerosene
Heater, electric (when shore power available)

Speed and consumption
The following speed and consumption information is only indicative and illustrative according to practical experience. Details have not been measured accurately or based on any technical characteristics.

Speed mpk/hSpeed km/hConsumption l/hNote
35,563Engine idle
59,264Low cruising speed
814,8166Comfortable cruising speed
1833,336N/ABoat on plane
2546,3N/AMax. speed